Welcome to your new kitten!


We all love that little bundle of fluff we take into our homes, but are we doing the right things with them?

Below are a lot of ideas and help to get them on the right track, which are available to download, but if you would like a full booklet containing all of this information you will receive it when you register your kitten with us.

If your kitten is already registered with us, please ask for a booklet next time you visit.

Have you heard about our 'Kitten Club?'

Cat Carriers

Choosing a kitten

Getting to know your kitten

Kitten Feeding & Nutrition

Kitten Vaccination


Microchipping your kitten

Litter Training

Neutering your kitten

Please insure your kitten

To roam or stay at home

Toxoplasmosis in cats

Worming your kitten


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