Ear Cleaning

Ear disease is one of the most common conditions encountered in practice

When your pet has itchy ears it is essential for them to be examined by a vet to try and ascertain the cause and the appropriate treatment necessary.  T

o try and ensure that your pets ears are kept clean and disease free a maintenance program should be followed. Please note that as previously stated all ear conditions should be checked first. 

There are different ear cleaners for the type of wax you are trying to remove so check with your vet to ensure you are using the correct cleaner. 


Maintenance program (to be followed every 2 weeks more if needed)

1. Apply cleaner liberally to both ears 

2. Massage base of ear to aid distribution 

3. Allow pet to shake head 

4. Wipe away any excess with dry cotton wool 

5. If ear medications are also being used leave at least 30 minutes in between each application