What can fleas do to my pet?

Flea bites cause discomfort and irritation.

Many pets become sensitised to flea bites which leads to intense itchiness, and severe self-inflicted trauma flea allergy

Fleas are responsible for transmitting tapeworms to our pets

Puppy Fleas & Ticks
How to prevent fleas in Dogs & Cats

How can I control the flea problem?

Please consult us - we have found that many non-prescription preparations simply do not work well enough to achieve effective flea control. 

It is practically impossible to prevent your pet coming into contact with fleas so regular treatments are necessary to control the problem and prevent a build up within the home.

An effective flea control programme may involve the use of a combination of products.  These attack both the adult flea stage on your pets AND the immature stages within the home. 

Advocate combined Flea & Worming treatment for Dogs & Cats

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