Female Cats

Cats are spayed routinely from 6 months old but can be done before this if there is a specific need.They may be spayed while in season or the very early stages of pregnancy.

If a female cat has had a litter of kittens, the kittens need to be weaned ie no longer feeding from the mother before she can be spayed. 

Neutering your kitten



Female Dogs

Dogs can be spayed 3 months after their first season, or in between seasons.

First season may occur anytime from 6 months depending on breed and they last approx 3 weeks.

Bitches should be strictly rested for 48 hours and only allowed gentle exercise on the lead until re-examination a week after the operation. 



Benefits of spaying : 

Stops seasons & unwanted puppies

Attraction of males

Prevents pyometra (womb infection)

Reduces the chance of mammary cancer

Prevents false pregnancies (a hormonal condition of dogs)

 There is now an option to choose a Laprascopic bitch spay - Please click on the link 

Spaying your female dog

Spaying your Bitch

Laparoscopic Bitch Spaying