What can worms do to my pet?

Heavy infestations can result in vomiting and severe diarrhoea and cause a loss of blood, weight and condition. Worms weaken the immune system, and by migration through major organs can cause further problems eg pneumonia.

How to prevent worms in dogs & cats

Adult Dog Flea & Worming

Worming your kitten


What can worms do to my family?

The greatest threat to human health is from the roundworm Toxocara.  Children can pick these up from the environment, then put dirty fingers in their mouths, and although serious consequences are rare, they can cause blindness, heart problems and epilepsy. 

Toxoplasmosis in cats

Puppy Worming


How can I treat my pet for worms?

To avoid worms reaching maturity and affecting your pet's health, and to reduce public health risks, you should worm your pet regularly. Please ask one of our vets who will be able to evaluate your pet's health and your family's requirements and advise you on a specific worming routine for your pet.

There are a number of different forms of worming available so even if administering medication is difficult, there will be a solution for you. Some are even available combined with flea preparations providing an all-in-one treatment!

Over-the-counter, shop bought, wormers simply lack the efficacy of the prescription wormers.

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Please see links belowfor the worming products we recommend.

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