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Our dogs play a very important part in our lives these days

As well as being useful 'workers' they provide companionship,  exercise (!) and may even relieve our own stress levels. Of course,  if things are not going well they can actually be the cause of severe  stress!

 We tend to have high expectations for our dogs - we expect them to  be sociable (or at least tolerant) of other dogs/cats people/other  species and be perfectly behaved at all times! Of course this is  often not the case, and when a problem occurs, it can feel lonely  and maybe even socially embarrassing.

Donna McDonnell MAPDTUK 01200 (Cert Canine Psychology, Diploma Modifying Canine Aggression) heads up our behaviour department and with a friendly and experienced team they are there to help you with your dog’s behaviour issues.

Their behaviour can have a profound effect on how we live our lives. But it doesn't need to be that way!

We can help you to understand why the behaviour is happening, and provide you with kind but effective solutions that can help make owning your dog a joy again!

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A dogs’ language is body language – they use nearly every part of their body to express themselves, tell us and other animals how they are feeling and what they might be about to do next. Looking at their tail, ears, their facial expressions, general body posture and their movements can give us clues as to what may be about to happen next.
We can help our dogs by learning to read their signals - think how you might feel if a relative stranger approached you directly and touched you inappropriately – it would make you feel pretty uncomfortable wouldn't it! By taking the time to learn to be sensitive to dogs’ body language, we can help them feel more relaxed, and lessen the chance of getting bitten.

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Did you know that the animal behaviour and training industry is completely unregulated?

This means that anyone can set themselves up as a dog trainer/behaviourist with no practical experience or qualifications. Donna has chosen to become a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK and is a registered practitioner on the Animal Behaviour Training Council to ensure you are getting the most up to date training and behaviour advice.




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