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Grooming Prices

Bubbles & Blow-Dry Only

This includes full bath and blow dry.
Products to suit you dogs specific coat condition, finished off with a coat conditioning spray.



Short Coated

Long Coated

<10 kg

From £22

From £24.50

10-25 kg

From £27.50

From £30

25-40 kg

From £34

From £37

40-60 kg

From £39

From £45


Some dogs and double coated breeds may be subject to an additional charge depending on coat condition. Please discuss this prior to your appointment.

Full Groom

Full bath and body massage with quality products to suit your dogs specific coat condition.
Blow dry Nail clipping, ear cleaning and pluck when required.
Finished off with a coat conditioning spray.


From £35


From £40


From £45


From £50


Dogs over 60kg and double coated breeds may incur an additional charge depending on coat condition. Please discuss your requirements prior to your appointment.

Hand Stripping

As not every dogs coat is designed to be hand stripped, we recommend a brief consultation with yourself and your dog to discuss your individual requirements.
Prices start from £40.00

Specific ( Bath Only) with your dogs prescription shampoo and full body massage

Most prescription veterinary shampoos advise that you allow your dogs coat to dry naturally to enable the product to work as effectively as possible. For this reason, dogs which have been bathed in a prescription shampoo will not be fully dried before they go home with you.
Prices start from £17.50.

Puppy Introduction Sessions

These sessions allow your puppy to have a positive, gentle introduction to the Grooming Salon environment. They will meet the team and have the opportunity to experience all the different sights and sounds to help prepare them for future visits with the minimum of worry.
Prices start from £17.50.

Special Offer for Drove Puppy School Clients

You will receive a £5.00 voucher as part of your Puppy School pack, which can be used against a grooming service of your choice for your puppy. (Vouchers are not redeemable for any other pet in the household).