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Grooming Prices


From £25

Owning rabbits can be a very rewarding experience but we all know how much hair they can shed when molting. Having owned many bunnies over the years, I can appreciate combing out your rabbit can be very time consuming and not all bunnies will tolerate this in their own environment. We can advise you on the best option when you bring your rabbit in to be groomed. In normal situations rabbits are not routinely bathed as this is an unnatural process for them. However there may be certain situations for health reasons where a bath may be required. Generally you would not wet the whole body as rabbit hair clumps together making it difficult to get them completely dry. We will discuss your rabbit’s requirements prior to booking.
Prices start from £20.00.

Guinea pigs


Guinea pigs are not routinely bathed, but in certain circumstances this may be required due to medical conditions and hair contamination. Our normal service would be to thoroughly comb/brush the coat out and remove any matts or faecal clagging and nail clip.
Prices start from £10.00.

Additional Services

Micro chipping


Nail Clip


Anal Glands


Ear Clean


Ear Pluck & Clean


Nail Clip and Ear Clean



If you have any other requirements that are not listed please feel free to discuss with a member of our team.

We will always endeavor to tailor our services to meet your individual needs.