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Our History

Drove Veterinary Hospital practice history

Practice Directors over the years

We are proud to trace our roots in Swindon back to 1839

Although the practice name has changed over the years, the same ethos of providing the people & pets of Swindon with a caring & trusted service has remained the same.

In recent history ‘The Hewers’ a father & son team were very well known throughout Swindon, with local people re -counting numerous tales of their visit to The Grange, on Drove Road.

With new partners coming on board the practice became Hewer, Spriggs & Wilson, then Sismey, Cooper & Hibberd and finally the practice became Drove Veterinary Hospital, in homage to the old practice site of the Grange, in Drove Road, Swindon.

New Premises...

The birth of the new purpose built hospital in 1988 at 252 Croft Road, Swindon, provided an exciting future.

In line with our commitment to provide trusted Veterinary care in the local community, along with the peace of mind of a highly equipped Veterinary Hospital for internal referrals and critical case management, a network of fully equipped surgeries throughout Swindon and the surrounding area was established.

2005 was a momentous year for the practice heralding the launch of a new fresh up to date logo & our long awaited Hospital extension and refurbishment.

Pieces of History

The Future...

The hospital now lies in the centre of Drove Veterinary Hospital heartland. With 6 branch surgeries conveniently located within the communities of Swindon and surrounding villages, Drove Veterinary Hospital and its state-of-the-art facilities, enables us to offer our clients unrivalled excellence and we look forward to a long and happy future with local people and their pets.