Uncover the Signs of Diabetes - Free Diabetes check

Throughout September, October & November Drove Vets are offering a Free Diabetes Check with a Veterinary Surgeon for all Dogs & Cats

These will be available at our hospital and all of our surgeries.

We will be focusing on raising awareness and educating pet owners on Diabetes, and the signs and symptoms to look out for.

So if you have any worries or concerns about your Pet please don’t hesitate to book an appointment as detecting the signs of Diabetes early can give your pet a longer, happier and healthier life.

Is your pet :-

  • Drinking more?
  • Urinating more?
  • Getting urinary tract infections?
  • Eating more?
  • Losing weight?
  • Reluctant to exercise?

This Diabetes Information booklet gives you far more of an insight to Diabetes – Please download HERE or collect a copy from one of our surgeries.

What happens next?

Please phone the Surgery of your choice to book, or use our online appointments system

Ideally take a sample of your pet’s urine along to the appointment, as this will be tested Free of Charge as well.

Sample bottles and a guide of how to collect the urine, are available to pick up from the surgery before your appointment, or download the guide HERE.

Before your appointment you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire please download HERE or complete it at the branch when you arrive for your appointment.

The Vet will advise accordingly.

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