Behavior advice for lockdown puppy owners - Facebook Live

On the 9th August at 7pm Donna McDonnell our former Dog Behaviour Counsellor is returning for one night only to do a Facebook Live session on Puppies that were bought during lockdown and will be offering some helpful hints and tips.

Donna will be covering the below topics plus a Q&A;

Understanding why dogs struggle to cope at the vets and why fear is so difficult to deal with:

Fear and anxiety about the dog’s environment, and what’s happening within it, is often one of the biggest difficulties for dogs to deal with. That coupled with struggling to deal with being handled (sometimes intrusively) by strangers can add up to a very frightened dog. What physiological effects might we see?

Considering any handling issues at home

If our dogs have no ability to cope with being handled gently at home, it’s likely they’re going to find it extra hard at the vets. We’ll touch on some ways of helping your dog learn how to tolerate handling more effectively.

The stress stacking on the lead up to the actual visit e.g. car travel, getting harnesses on, owner anxiety etc.

Much like us, a dog’s stress pathways can become very easily activated if they are having to deal with lots of stressful events before they’ve even arrived at the surgery. We’ll talk about how to recognise the signs of stress in dogs generally.

Adolescence in general

Many ‘lockdown’ puppies are now teenagers, and everything that comes along with what can be a very tricky developmental stage. We’ll talk about why adolescence has such an impact on young dogs.

Genetic factors

What’s underneath your dog’s ‘bonnet’? What can genetic tendencies tell us about how a dog copes with stress and difficult situations? What about inherited temperament?

Muzzle training

Why is muzzle training for any dog so useful, and important, and what approach should be taken so your dog doesn’t see it as a predictor of scary things?

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