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Poisons Guide

Concerned your pet has eaten something it shouldn't?

There are a wide range of things your pet could get hold of that are toxic or perhaps even deadly, even in small quantities.

Please familiarise yourself with common items that may be found on your regular or festive shopping list, in your garage, garden or during a walk in the forest. There are a surprising number of items, and we see a large number of pets over the festive season, so please do keep items like stuffing, mince pies, Christmas cake/pudding, chocolates, red wine, grapes, onions and garlic well out of reach of your pet. Holly, Ivy, pinecones, poinsettia and mistletoe are also dangerous.

Even when filling up the anti-freeze in your car outdoors, take care to wash away spills with a hose pipe or watering can, and don't allow your dog to drink from puddles when out on a walk.

If you do think that your dog or cat has eaten something toxic from this Poisons Guide, act quickly to stop them eating anymore and phone us to tell us what they have eaten, most importantly bring in labels and samples with you (in a container if safe to do so).

Please use our poison guide below to find out more about what your pet could be at risk from.